Thursday, March 16, 2017


                 An independent variable is the variable that changes in the experiment. The independent variable is the surface. The surface changes for each one. For example the yellow one is carpet, the pink one is tile, and the blueish- green one is blacktop. A dependent variable is a variable that relies on the independent variable. The dependent variable is the speed. A controlled variable is the variable that stays the same. The controlled variable is the robot and the program. 


Thursday, February 23, 2017

Sensabot Challenge

   This is my code. The first thing I did was 3.5 real rotations and then the 2nd one we made the arm go down then the 3rd one made the arm  go  up. The 4th one was 4.5 wheel rotations because it was a little longer then the 1st one. Then there was  -2.5 again and there was 2.5 again which made it go up and  down. The 7th one made it go 3.7 wheel rotations. The next to were up and down again. the very last one made it go back words back into the box. One of  our problems were it kept going into the wall , but we tried to put it forword and it worked. By M